Intel XTU and HWInfo Voltage Offset disconnect?

Hi ... I have an Asus z690 based mobo and prior to the latest update, whenever I changed the voltage offset in XTU, it was reflected in HWInfo voltage offset section. Now, it's not. HWInfo voltage section now displays what the offset is set in the BIOS VF curve (0.1v in this case). Whatever offset value i change in XTU is no longer reflected in HWInfo anymore, as it used to in earlier version sof HWInfo software. Was this intentional? If not then how can it be fixed? If so, then its unfortunate as I can no longer change the offset values without closing all my apps and rebooting my PC into BIOS, which is very inconvinient.

The single voltage offset is considered legacy and the V/F curve offsets take precedence on later CPUs. That's why HWiNFO was changed to favor the V/F offsets.
My Asus z690 motherboard has two places to set this offset voltage. One that takes the single offset voltage and the other that takes the V/F curve offsets. What will HWInfo display if the V/F offsets are not all equal, as some prefer a really custom V/F curve?
In the main window (when Sensors-only mode is not used) it will display the entire V/F curve as "Voltage/Frequency Curve:". In Sensors it will show only a single point.