Invalid/Incomplete Memory Information


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Any idea why HWiNFO64 would randomly report invalid or incomplete information when it comes to the memory installed (see attached images of reports). Although I attached the reports, you initially see it in the GUI when running the .exe. I've had it where it will not report modules, give erroneous information pertaining the modules, etc. I'm thinking about sending my machines back because of this but I'm hesitant because I feel it's probably related to the HWiNFO64 software simply because you can run the executable again and it will bring back all the information.


  • Row 4 invalid info.png
    Row 4 invalid info.png
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  • row 5 good info.png
    row 5 good info.png
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Looks like a glitch in readout of DIMM SPD data. Are you perhaps running some other system monitoring/tweaking tool along with HWiNFO?