Is it possible to auto refresh main HWiNFO page without restarting the program?

Ryan Fang

New Member
When you launch HWiNfo, there is a small window with checkboxes "sensors-only" and "summary-only", if you don't check either one and click Run, a window will pop up that shows all your computer hardware devices like cpu, motherboard, ram, monitor, drives, ports, battery, etc.

I'm wondering if this page is able to auto refresh? Right now I am seeing it only update when closing hwinfo fully and then reopening it. The reason I want to do this is I want to test some hubs and docks, and its hard to test when you have to relaunch the program for any update to occur.
Sorry, this is currently not supported. Use the sensors window to monitor parameters changing during run time.
I don't actually want to monitor sensors, but I want to monitor peripheral devices connected and see which busses they are connected to. Do you think you would be adding a refresh button on that window anytime?
This is planned, but a refresh would esentialy mean a new full system re-scan similar to a new start of HWiNFO.
Great! I wouldn't mind that, it would make it much easier to debug things, since if you relaunch hwinfo, you have to reopen all the cascaded items
Being able to right click and refresh a specific node in the tree would be awesome, but even if it has to be a full system re-scan, it would still be very helpful when debugging hardware issues.