Is my SSD failing with tons of media errors


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Hi everyone,

I have a HP EX920 NVMe PCIE 3.0 SSD 256GB SSD installed on my Inspiron 5000 laptop, the kids are using it. In the past few days, they said they can't install programs, can't executing existing program and a lot of missing dll issues. So I tried it and a lot of files can't be read also. Here is the report on the SSD: I didn't see any SMART error, but the "Media Errors" concerns me. Is the driver dying?

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)
Available Space Below Threshold: OK
Temperature Exceeded Critical Threshold: OK
Device Reliablity Degraded: OK
Media In Read Only Mode: OK
Volatile Memory Backup Device Failed: OK

Drive Temperature: 54 °C
Warning Temperature Threshold: 70 °C
Critical Temperature Threshold: 80 °C
Time Above Warning Temperature Threshold: 3 minutes
Time Above Critical Temperature Threshold: 0 minutes

Spare Capacity Available: 90%
Device Health: 100%
Power Cycles: 1082
Power On Hours: 867 hours
Unsafe Shutdowns: 19
Media Errors: 1127674
Total Host Reads: 2783 GBytes
Total Host Writes: 2545 GBytes
I'd be concerned, that number is pretty high. As per definition of Media Errors:
Contains the number of occurrences where the controller detected an unrecovered data integrity error. Errors such as uncorrectable ECC, CRC checksum failure, or LBA tag mismatch are included in this field.