ISA Bus support?


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I'm a bit surprised that this topic isn't found anywhere (in a search): does HWiNFO support scanning sensors on ISA/LPC bus?

I'm looking at my old SpeedFan app, to discern why it supports more sensors and voltages on my X79-UD3 Mobo... and apparently it's due to the fact that it accesses the IT8728F chip through the LPC (ISA) bus ($A30 on my mobo) instead of SMbus which is slower and unreliable. (See the it87 linux kernel driver docs.)

FWIW, I have a downloaded comprehensive data sheet for the it8728F chip. The linux docs say it is not available but apparently that's outdated info. :)
Yes, HWiNFO supports sensors on IT8728F which it accesses directly via LPC ports.