Jonitor [v1.0]


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Jonitor is an application which reads data from HWiNFO and display them in the form of graphs on a web page. You can monitor your PC anywhere as long as you have an device connected to the Internet.


List of data read by Jonitor
  • Physical memory used
  • Physical memory available
  • Memory clock
  • Memory clock ratio
  • Memory timings
  • Virtual memory commited
  • Virtual memory available
  • Number of processes
  • Number of threads
  • Number of handles
  • Total CPU Usage (bar, line)
  • CPU package temperature (bar, line)
  • CPU package power
  • Highest temperature on each core
  • Highest clock on each core
  • Thermal throttling status / power limited status on each core (Intel CPUs only)
  • Usage on each CPU core (bar, line)
  • Clock speed on each CPU core (bar, line)
  • Temperature on each CPU core (bar, line) (Intel CPUs only)
  • Voltage on each CPU core (bar, line)
GPU (up to 2 GPUs)
  • Clock speed (bar, line)
  • Load
  • D3D usage
  • Temperature (bar, line)
  • Memory clock (bar, line)
  • Memory load
  • Memory usage
  • Fan speed
  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Power limited status (Nvidia GPU only)
  • Thermal limited status (Nvidia GPU only)
How to use:
Jonitor starts a HTTP server on your computer. You may need to allow access in your firewall for it to work. To connect from outside your network, you may need to port forward.
  1. Download and extract the ZIP file
  2. Run HWiNFO in Sensor-only mode
  3. Run jonitor.exe
  4. Optional: Edit the config.json file to your need. Jonitor uses the new values next time you run it
  5. On default configuration, navigate to http://localhost:10113 on the same computer or http://ip-address:10113 on other devices
Configuration file format (config.json)
You can edit the file using any text editor.
ip - The ip address Jonitor listens on. Leave it to if you are unsure.
port - The port number Jonitor listens on. Change this number if another application is using the port.
polling_interval - The time (in milliseconds) between data is read from HWiNFO.
serve_files - If set to false, Jonitor only starts the Websocket server.

Supported browsers:
Any up-to-date major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari should work. Internet Explorer is not supported.

You can find the source code on Github here and here.
If something is not working please let me know.

- Initial release


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Thanks for this, I love it. Looked around for a web UI for HWiNFO and this appears to be the only one. I used to use Open Hardware Monitor as it's got a web UI but doesn't have all the details HWiNFO has.

Just a couple of issues I'm having so far:
  • Text doesn't render in the correct place so it's all on the right side, inside the right bar for the readings.
  • I cannot get this to work on Windows Server 2019 (Essentials, Desktop Experience)
I've tried a few things to get it to work on WS2019 but I can't even connect using First, I allowed it through the firewall and attempted to get in from another PC on the network. I've tried a different port too. I've tried to get it working on a domain using URL Rewrite and HTTPS, still no joy. Then I allowed IIS to serve the files but still nothing. I've also tried the previous both running HWiNFO as a task that runs at boot and as a desktop application when logged in using Remote Desktop (no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached to the server). Every time it's just coming up loading with no errors.

The machine it's working on is Windows 10 Pro x64.

Thanks again. :)