Just switched to windows 8 running 8.1 issue is with icons in the taskbar please help


So I will startup the computer and the main window icon blue with hwinfo icon in the taskbar shows up , along with the sensors i added to try to show up my question is how can i hide the main icon in the taskbar and just get the sensors in the taskbar as i had with running 7 . also is there a reason when making the osd sensors enable basically there not showing the temps in game . Im not sure if im misssing something on this part to make the temp show in game
Ya it was the same way windows 7 was but why does the main icon show up the one that in your avatar . Why cant that be eliminated and just show senssors
That icon does always show up, maybe on Win7 you had it hidden (either manually or automatically after not 'using' it for longer time).
YOu cant hide things in the taskbar in win7 and win8 without having that expand button on the left to see other stuff you have running unless you know something different way to do this , showing all icons but hiding some of them

I just doubled check this by customizing and hiding all notifications but it still shows up in taskbar
So you mean the taskbar icon, not the notification one ?
Maybe attaching a screenshot of the problematic icon should explain this much clearer.
Ill have to get one later but ok , so you install hwinfo , you have an icon in your taskbar same icon thats in your avatar . Then you add sensors to the taskbar which can be like gpu and cpu those show up in there , Is there a way to hide the main hwinfo icon thats in your taskbar or does it always have to be there for running the sensors ?