Labels not switching language


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Basically title , I today updated to latest beta - 7.17.4655 and it switched language automatically to my OS default which I don't want (I think its too late but maybe asking on first run if i want to switch would be nice).

When i switched back all labels stayed same

All custom (except one which is weird also interpunction was broken but whatever) stayed the same but original ones don't want to switch back...
- i had two things named as GPU (GPU hotspot temp and GPU fan rpm) and later one renamed to GPU Ventiltor (which is also very indescribable name)
I think it's because you didn't restart HWiNFO after changing the language. Doing a full Reset Preferences should restore everything.
That fixed it but reseted all my in-app settings so now i can fix that , also when i click reset preferences it also swapped my language to OS default so i need to reset then switch to english and then reset app to get it rightly to english
I will add a fix for this in the next build. This Beta release was a really big step with many changes hence potential bugs.