Lag / Stutter - Using HWInfo to try understand the issue


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Hi all, new user here.

Great bit of software...if only I knew what I was doing.

I'm having issues with lag/stutter (frames dropping on COD:Warzone and Forza Horizon 4). I can't decide what the cause is yet but this isn't exactly my forte.

I was trying to improve the performance of my laptop by changing settings on NVCP, in game and turning things like app updates off in Win10.
I decided to try the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and do a fresh install of my Nvidia driver. I did this in safe mode as suggested. I feel as if my issues began after this, but I'm not sure. Right now I'm just trying to get back to no stutter.

COD:Warzone appears to be the best in providing a clear issue due to the impact on an FPS game.

On Warzone I started to get the packet loss symbol (3 squares on the left of the screen) in either orange or yellow. I tried to restore back to a date before the DDU use but nothing appeared to help and I definitely went back far enough. I tried a couple weeks old restore point and then this failed and it deleted all my restore points. So I decided to move forward...for now.

As I looked into this "packet loss issue", I found a YouTube video that mentioned that although it reports a packet loss issue it can actually be a framerate issue. I always assumed that packetloss was purely to do with internet but this is where I decided to look into what my hardware was doing.

HWInfo: From my logs, nothing has stood out to me yet but I don't know a lot of the information being displayed, so I'm learning it slowly. I was hoping someone could check out my data and see if there's anything particularly abnormal. It would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

The only things I've noticed so far:
Physical Memory Load: 97.5%
CPU (Tctl/Tdie) has been > 100°C (Not too sure how that happened)
My CPU Core is running up to 85°C.
GPU Temp is generally a flat 70°C.

I've created a video with a few small examples. It is fairly difficult to see sometimes but I feel it everytime. Look out for the 3 squares on the left hand side.

Attached are a couple of sets of logs.
The first one is a short file, where I stutter in game and then stop the log to keep the number of logs low. Looking at this file, it doesn't seem to be a distinctive drop in FPS. (My logs are at 1000ms)

The second log is a larger file, with probably 10 to 15mins of data. This is from a game of COD where I would have probably stuttered more than 10 times.

Many thanks!


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