Latest Version of Hwinfo64 keeps telling me to download


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Hi there. I got an alert to download version 7.22 and I did.

Currently my HWinfo64 portable says it is version 7.22-4730 and every time I start HWinfo64 portable it still tells me to download 7.22

Not sure if this is a bug or not. I did it 3 times and still this happening. Not a big deal, just thought I would ask about it if that is alright :).
Same here, but none portable with the same issue. I had to download and use the actually installer, otherwise would not update.
Seems to be a problem of caching when the previous files remained in cache.
I have now purged all server caches so please try to download again.
If it still won't work try to purge your browser's cache or download from FossHub.
Can confirm now it is fixed from downloading it normally. I did not need to download it from FossHub :D