Locating CMOS battery readings for Dell Optiplex 3040


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HWInfo64 Pro7.62, Dell Optiplex 3040 Win10 Pro 22H2.

My 3040 (MFG date 2015) has been rock solid until recently when it intermittently freezes (display windows visible, but no mouse, keyboard, or network). Full power down, then reboot to bring the system back up. Nothing in system event logs.

Trying to eliminate the possibility it might be the CMOS battery, but I cannot find any voltage readings in the sensor data. Is this a limitation of the 3040 architecture or just a BIOS setting that needs to be changed?
DELL systems usually use proprietary sensors and don't disclose the information so we're rather limited here.
Anyway, a problem with CMOS battery would manifest in a different manner - most common is loss of BIOS settings or system time. In such case the BIOS would display an error during boot.
Thank you for the explanation. Never experienced any loss of BIOS settings or incorrect system time, so I think a faulty/expired CMOS battery can be eliminated from the possible causes. Wanted to make sure that not being able to see the voltages in HWiNFO wasn't itself an indication of a problem.

(HWiNFO is amazing. When done on the Optiplex 3040, I will uninstall/re-install (commercial license) on a development machine to see realtime system behavior under application execution. Quite glad to have found HWiNFO.)