Logging question.


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Just wondering if it's possible to choose what is logged when logging rather that having everything that is being monitored logged?

Also wondering if any type of graph logging is possible as an alternative to the real time graphs?
I'm sorry, but currently it's not possible to selectively log items, only everything. This feature is on the to-do list.
No worries. Interestingly logging everything doesn't appear to be highly taxing on resources, but that was not the sole reason I am interested in specific logs.

Have you thought about having the logs being able to be viewed in graph format also?
That's great, a bit to play with. What do you mean as comma-separated files? I'm having trouble getting Libre Office Calc to do graphs with the .CSV file but I should ask someone in the Libre Office forum about it.

Generic Log Viewer looks good. Does HWiNFO logging log min max and avg?
Min/Max is not being logged, because you have the full data set in the log, so it's easy to extract that information from it.
Hi Kol,
when you use Generic Log Viewer in "Statistic" mode you can see min & max value (lowest and highest value on the left side). The average value you can see in both modes on the top left corner of the graph ...