looking for some help deciphering HWiNFO64


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basically as the topic says, downloaded HWiNFO64 to see if i could sort out an issue with my cpu causing issues in games and stuff, found out the problem but now i'm looking at HWiNFOs cpu screen or whatever you want to call it, and it's confusing me and i'm wondering if anyone can help me out and tell me if i should be worried.

screenshot attached, take a look at the cpu meter in the right of the screen, as of taking the screenshot my pc is not doing anything overly stressful, yet, the last few weeks i have noticed the bars are always yellow, and the cpu appears to be running at max speed? i'm really not sure.

any help would be appreciated. thanks.


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The color of those CPU Clock bars do not indicate an issue. To explain what the various colors mean:
- Green: the CPU clock is below the HFM ("marketed"/base frequency)
- Yellow: the CPU clock is above the HFM ("marketed"/base frequency), but below the Max Turbo Clock
- Red: the CPU clock is above the Max Turbo Clock
To check for issues with the PC, I recommend to open the Sensors window. This provides much more information about machine status.
well according to all info i can find via sensors, nothing out of the ordinary, everything appears to be working fine, i was just a little worried about the cpu reading, but from what i can gather it is nothing i need to worry about?
cool cool, works for me, just making sure it's not something to worry about, just a tad hard for me to decipher the readings i get having never used the program before, thanks for all the help :D