Lost customization and tray sensor


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Hi Martin,
Recently I noticed that if I disable SATA interface, I lose customization of the NVMe drive, as well as "Drive temperature 2" sensor in try.
The sensors are split to 2 tables, with many of various sensors disabled and hidden.
Only the NVMe sensors are effected, the GPU sensors after it are intact and show in tray too.

SATA enabled:

SATA disabled:
What exactly do you mean with disabling SATA interface?
I think that what happens is that the hardware configuration changes internally and the sensors you see are internally different, hence the custom values are not applied.
In bios i can disable SATA interface, yes hardware configuration changed but the samsung device is NVMe device , not SATA.
If I change the SATA device from AHCI to RAID this does not happen even that hardware configuration was changed.

My guess it is due the S.M.A.R.T implementation and sensors association in HWiNFO.