Maximum number of remote connections

I saw that the Maximum number of remote connections is limited to 50.
Any chances this might increase?
Also are there any 3rd party tools to monitor cpu temperature for more than 50 remote clients?
How many connections would you need? Monitoring too many machines remotely might not be optimal due to performance reasons.
300 clients might be possible if only a limited set of sensors (e.g. a few temperatures) is passed into the central machine.
Version 7.21-4715 Beta has just been released. This version also extends the maximum remote connections limit to 300.
Note that connecting such amount of computers will require a respective HWiNFO64 Pro license.
Does the Pro version have to be installed on every machine or can it be installed on the single machine used for monitoring?
Also in the Pro version can only a few sensors be selected for monitoring?
It needs to be installed on each machine and configured to disable/hide all non-necessary sensors to limit the amount of data transmitted. This could be automated to some degree, but it depends if the remote systems have same hardware configuration.
The license on the central system needs to cover all machines connected.
You can test this also with the non-Pro version which allows up-to 5 connections.