medion p2a4-em it8613E support needed.


It's possible to add better support for that IT8613E on that motherboard?

It shows weird voltage for CPU (Ryzen 1700), wrong voltage and probably maybe more.

It's possible to control FAN?

Debug added.


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I can have a look at this, but this mainboard is pretty uncommon.
Is there some reference program or the BIOS showing correct sensor values? I'd need a screenshot of it.
BIOS don't have any sensors more than RPM on FAN if they of cours 3/4 pin.
Other like hwmonitor (speedfan don't detect anything) shows the same and for example CPU voltage should be bigger than 1.025V - they should be more than 1,2V (theoretically 1,25V like Ryzen Master set)
Default Clock is 3200 not 3600 MHz. Sometimes they show 1,3xx on all CPU.

Stock frequency shows latest screenshot


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I'm afraid without any reference showing correct values it's almost impossible to determine how to properly adjust the sensor values for your mainboard model.