Memory Channel 2 Rank Max


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I am currently running Realbench on my system.
In HWInfo, a value has appeared during the test (After roughly 2 hours test) : Memory Channel 2 Rank Max

Current => 0°C
Minimum => 0°C
Maximum => 3°C
Average => 0°C.

My room temperature is 21°C.

What is this data "Memory Channel 2 Rank Max" ? Value is stupid (3°C)

I am running last Bios 1401 on my Mobo.
CoreTemp, Realtemp and Speedfan are also opened during the test.

G.SKILL International Enterprise as vendor in to tecnical specification on this modules don's display features thermal sensor then this modules don't have it, and this series have minimal timing latency is CL14-14-14-34-2N not Your CL13-14-13-34-1N. If this module is failure then standard manufacturer answer - "You have used invalid modes of operation of the equipment. The guarantee is terminated under paragraph ... of guarantee agreement.". Overclocking - all failures is Your personal problems. :D Also this modules already have manufacturer overclocking - chip specification clock 2133 MHz, modules nominal clock 3200 Mhz. :D
"Memory Channel n Rank Max" value comes from the Integrated Memory Controller of the CPU, so it's not directly related to DIMM.