Messed up HDD sensors after adding a new drive

I've finally decided to register an account here and try to get some help from you as I'm pissed off by HWiNFO sensor window being messed up every time I add a new HDD to my desktop or laptop, AGAIN!
Both computers are always running latest Windows 10 Professional x64. This has happened to me couple of times before in time, but I kindly sorted them out every time, but this time it's been enough as almost everything related to HDD has been messed up as fast as I started the PC with the new drive added to it and I don't really understand why and how to solve this kind of trouble.

I've sorted all sensors manually just like I wanted them to be for more than 4 months ago when builded a new PC, renamed some of them, changed colours, set different warnings, and so one. It worked flawless until today. Much has been done and everything took couple hours of work. I've added a new HDD to the PC today and sensors and smart informations of SSD/HDD except system drive Samsung 860 EVO has been messed up with other sensors, some empty lines has been created between them, some has been moved to the end of the list, some disappeared, some changed sensor sources, and even some of HDD temperature sensors has strange 85C warning which I'd never set on a SSD or HDD! These high temperatures was set to CPU and GPU, not HDD... This is madness! Any help?

Computers configuration doesn't matter here as it happened before in time on laptop with Core i7 4700HQ processor and now on an AMD X470 with Ryzen 1700. The new drive is the WDC one.

HWiNFO #1.jpgHWiNFO #2.jpgHWiNFO #3.jpgHWiNFO #4.jpgHWiNFO #5.jpg

I need to say that I've created a backup from HWiNFO settings window when I was done with sorting, renaming, changing colours and so one, for 4 months ago, but this copy of register settings doesn't work after applying them. Nothing change back to how it was before I added the new drive. Only the system Samsung 860 EVO is untouched, the rest is completely fucked up.
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This happens because by default HWiNFO determines order of some sensors depending on physical order (address) of a particular device.
Unless you switch the manual order this works well as HWiNFO automatically manages the order also when a new device appears or is not present anymore.
But as soon as you switch to custom order, the user has full control over placement of items and HWiNFO doesn't know to which sensor a particular values belongs to. When a new device or reading appears it's always added to the end of the list because of the above limitation. That's why you get a warning when you switch to custom order.
There's no universal way to get the sensors in order other that switching back to fixed order and arrange them again.
Thank you for your fast answer.
Sooo sad it works this way as HWiNFO is one of my favorite software. I'm now scared of removing existed or adding any new device to this system, which is not possible in long term these days. Wish it worked in a better way, maybe some database or an image of existing setup, instead of registry, so I could backup everything this way, without worrying of messing so much up, because as for now, the backup/import functionality is just a junk and don't work at all as fast as you change your configuration.

Is it possible to know which "Drive Failure", "Drive Warning" "Total Hosts Read/Write" are connected to? The original name doesn't include it and it's now very hard to know that as I can't even benchmark every drive in this purpose or see these information in other software to assign them to a correct drive.

Thank you once again, especially for this beautiful software


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There's no simple way to know for sure which value belongs to which sensor without reverting back to fixed order.
You might also try to rename the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HWiNFO64\Sensors registry key and then start HWiNFO. That will start with default settings, which you can use to check the state and then after closing it, rename the key back.
I sorted all drives :) It wasn't so much work as I thought, max 1 hour. CrystalDiskInfo helped me a lot with it.

I've another question though. I need to (only) format 2 hard drives which aren't installed in my PC and this time I'd like to avoid messing anything. What steps do I need to do? Is it even possible? Should I disable HWiNFO from startup, shutdown PC, put these drives in, turn on PC, format them, turn off PC again and put my old drives in, turn PC on and start HWiNFO and add it back to startup? Thank you in advance


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It's difficult to predict how the order of drives (and respective sensors) will change when adding those drives. It depends on the controller and port attached to.
So yes, best would be to avoid running HWiNFO during that. Alternatively you might backup HWiNFO settings before the process and restore them afterwards.
I'm not gonna add them but disconnect my two existing drives and replace them for 1 hour or 2 while HWiNFO is disabled from startup and not running.