Missing info about Memory Modules on HP EliteBook 845


Tested on G8 (gen8) and G10

G8 - AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 5650U, DDR4
G10 - AMD Ryzen 5 7540U, DDR5

Tested with HWiNFO v7.64 (stable) and v7.65-5250 (beta)

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This is most likely due to proprietary switches used by some vendors that lock out access to DIMM SPD. We don't know how to enable access and read DIMM details in such case.
Each DDR5 DIMM is dual-channel.
This is not Phoenix2 and I cannot comment on unreleased products.

look on my screenshot, HWiNFO say "quad channel" and P-cores/E-cores (like "Phoenix 2"). I want only know, that detects is truly.
Yes, I was surprised about the hybrid core configuration as well and it should be reported correctly. If you also provide the HWiNFO Debug File I can check in more detail.
2 x DDR5 DIMMs are usually run in Quad-channel mode.
HWiNFO reports correctly, also CPPC confirms it. Core0 and Core4 are Performance, the rest are Efficient cores.
Yes, it's strange. But what you see in HWiNFO is what the CPU says/reports.