Missing values for version past hwi_724


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I've been sticking with version 1.24 but I just tested 1.34 and its got the same problem with all versions later than 1.24.

The values for fans (light blue) and GPU stats (pink) are missing only graphs appear. The screenshot is of 1.24 therefore shows the values.


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Yes the values are there. Is this a case of recommending to redo all my on screen values with a version upgrade? Thanks.
Yes, if they are shown in HWiNFO then you to re-check/re-configure your OSD.
Such changes should not be happening after an upgrade of HWiNFO, perhaps some other settings or configuration changed in the system.
Hi, I found a bug. If u choose a graph with superscript for units, then the value is omited on the OSD. Very easy to replicate.