Monitoring CPU Core Voltage and OSD



I can't get Afterburner to show the graph for CPU Voltage in the monitor window. Nor will it show on OSD.

You can view the screenshot here:

I tried to add an attachment but it didn't work. Seems unclear.
1. Choose File = Done.
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Thanks, Kel
This is most probably because your mainboard cannot monitor CPU Core Voltage (Vcore). Only CPU VID values are available, which might be used for reference.
Ok. Thanks for the prompt reply.

I can see the values in CPUID ROG Edition.

In HWINFO, I can see individual core values, just not the package value.

Also, why is the CPU Voltage option available/visible through the Afterburner plugin setup window, but not in HWINFO's main window?

Lastly... Love the software. I'd like to donate. Can you supply a link?

Thanks again.
I believe that CPUID shows VID instead of Vcore on your board. Just compare the values. There's no unified (package) Vcore available.
I can't speak for the Afterburner plugin, it's not created by me, but MSI AB author. The plugin probably always expects a Vcore value to be present, but on some systems (especially Haswell-based) it's not available.
You can find a link for donations at the bottom of the main HWiNFO homepage. Thanks!