More modern GUI?


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The beta version is just amazing. And very thanks for your effort Martin. That new Spin-Down After X Seconds function is the greatest one. And interestingly all other problems has gone. This app now works perfectly.

The only bad thing (for me) is that we can only select 3 fan states. I couldn't understand why this does not have various selections. Is it a hardware thing? Or locked by motherboard something?

And now, I think the User Interface can be better, modern. Cuz the app is more stable (then ever, I thnk). This one looks preety old for these windows 10 using computers. 

I thank you again, for giving this Dell 7577's fan controls to my hands.
Fan control has been initially developed only for a few special notebooks, where no other program was able to do this. Such machines usually feature a maximum of 3 fans, so that explains the current limit. Moreover, fan control has never been an 'official' feature of HWiNFO, so development of this feature has never been a priority.
Currently there are no plans to substantially enhance this, because there is a lot of other higher priority features. I might revise this at some point in future.
I have often thought about a more advanced and modern GUI, but in most cases this has a big disadvantage - performance. Such applications usually consume much more resources (memory, CPU) to drive such advanced GUIs, which in turn has a negative effect on the machine being monitored. And low-overhead has always been an important design goal for HWiNFO.