MSI 970A Krait


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Hi guys, 

Quick question.

By playing safe and thinking MSI are idiots i assumed CPU0\CPU package i was the temp i had to control, but yesterday i was toying with my AIO and i guess i messed the flow of the liquid, and CPU0\packaged reached 78º and the pc didn't shutdown. 

So, it's like this, LOAD temperatures:

MSI Commander and bios shows me CPU 41º \ System 46º

HwMonitor TMPIN0 41º \ TMPIN2 46º

HWinfo is giving me 41º as being the Motherboard and 46º as the CPU.

For reference CPU0\Package is 53º both hwinfo and hwmonitor.

So i'm inclined to believed 41º is actually the CPU temp. I'm i right? Should i believe MSI after all? :)

Yes, I believe MSI is right here when in comes to the CPU (socket) temperature.