MSI Big Bang-XPower II (X79) CPU fan RPM reported double of actual speed


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Basically the subject. My fan RPM is recently reporting double of the actual speed. It was correct on 2240 for a very long time (now its bugged for me on 2240), but after doing some BIOS work, the fan RPM is inexplicably showing as double of what it normally is, even though it is audibly identical to what it normally is. The bugged behavior is also on 2295.

Picture of hwinfo vs manufacturer software below, plus debug file.

Also unrelated, but can I get the text buttons at the bottom of the sensor window instead of the new picture ones? Pretty please?
What means "after doing some BIOS work" ? Could it be that it started showing doubled after a BIOS update and not after a HWiNFO update ?
Please try to run build 2240 there now what will it report.
The BIOS work entailed trying different memory timings, and changing some voltages. I did not change any frequencies, or touch any fan speed profiles.

Where can I get 2240 again? I overwrote mine with the 2295 beta. AFAIK, 2240 is an old build and there is already a newer release version than that
NVM I found a copy online somewhere of 2240

The issue is the same in 2240.

BTW I do have some sensors moved around in the hwinfo64 sensor window from the default positions, so if you need a default view, let me know.
But you previously said, that 2240 was working.
Are you able to determine if this issue started to occur with a certain HWiNFO version, or the BIOS update ?
What do other system monitoring tools report ?
2240 -was- working. I'm not entirely sure what happened. I know I had to CMOS reset at one point due to bad settings, but I restored them from a saved profile. I don't know why suddenly hwinfo is reporting double the actual RPM and that vendor tool is reporting the correct speed.

Speedfan and AIDA64 are also reporting double the actual RPM too. I'll check actual BIOS values.

Edit: BIOS values are correct. Go figure though that after that reboot, the numbers are reported correctly in the OS and hwinfo. I hate these kind of random problems that are difficult to reproduce.

So the fault is not with hwinfo. Sorry about that. Carry on.
No problem. I'm glad that it's resolved. I have checked HWiNFO several times and it reports what it really reads out. That's confirmed by other tools as well.
Figured out what was causing the double RPM thing anyways. It was the MSI Command Center program. When I close it, the RPM values go to normal values in monitoring programs. While its open, its double in every monitoring program except command center.
ssateneth said:
Also unrelated, but can I get the text buttons at the bottom of the sensor window instead of the new picture ones? Pretty please?

You will get this option in the next build ;)
The double RPM issue when running MSI Command Center should be fixed since HWiNFO v4.45 Beta Build 2320.
MSI Command Center activates a feature which allows to monitor slower spinning fans and this was not properly handled by HWiNFO.