MSI Laptops fan speed monitoring


Does the HWiNFO supports monitoring of the two fan speeds in "MSI Raider GE67HX"?
I tried the app and it doesn't show the speeds of both the fans.
Many models are supported but some might require dedicated handling.
First, I will need to see the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data to check the details.
Thank you for looking into my request, appreciate the time you are taking.
The laptop has two fans and in the build shared above it shows only Fan2.


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Thank you that worked!

Please find attached the debug file and the screenshot with MSI Center below.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 140341.png


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Nice. I see there some difference in fan speed between MSI Center and HWiNFO.
It might be because of different sampling time when the speed is fluctuating a lot. Try to run the fan at a stable level (e.g. max) and compare both to be sure.
MSI Laptop has something called "Cooler Boost" which pushes the fan speed to maximum. The moment I did that, the "MSI Center" got stuck with the previous fan speed, but HWiNFO showed the right speed.
When I switched to the normal fan speed profile, both HWiNFO & MSI Center showed similar speeds with different in polling speeds.

Meanwhile, the "FPS Monitor" software doesn't show the information from HWiNFO even though the "Shared memory" is enabled. Is this something related to the custom build?
It does on my desktop, that is how I monitor the fans and temps using the Commander Pro.
I will check with FPS Monitor devs.
I believe the next stable version of HWiNFO should support the MSI Raider GE67HX and I guess till then I will continue using the custom build.

Thanks again for the quick implementation.
Yes, all further HWiNFO versions will carry the GE67HX fan speed monitoring.
FPS Monitor embeds the HWiNFO SDK internally, that's probably why you see the same values. But it doesn't have this latest addition embedded yet. You can easily test that by disabling "Shared Memory Support" in HWiNFO, you should still see all values there.
Ahh now it makes sense. I assumed that HWiNFO shares the data via in-memory and didn't realize there is an SDK dependency.