MSI Z490 VRM Info

Piggybacking on this thread. How accurate are the readings in the most recent builds? I've tried the most recent beta build and also the 6.40 and the readings for VR VOUT seem to be all over. The voltages don't seem to show they're dropping when the CPU is idling just like the Vcore (ex: Vcore is 0.780v and VR VOUT reads 1.183v). Under very heavy load it appears to read as expected. Under more moderate loads such as gaming though it's a different story. The VR VOUT will read higher than whatever the Vcore reads (ex: with CPU OC vcore reads 1.354v while gaming but VR VOUT will read as high as 1.374v). From my understanding VR VOUT should be less than what Vcore reads.

For reference I have a MSI Z490 Unify on BIOS 7C71vA2 and a 10700k.