MSI Z690 EDGE WIFI DDR4 - fluctuating cpu power readings

i've just built a platform on 12600k with motherboard from title. Problem is i can't get to a point where total cpu power readings are within ~3-5 W of variation. I've done that many times with many different CPUs and this one combination just wont work. Variations can be as high as 20-25 W.

I've checked if it's my UEFI settings problem, but hell no.
I've tested it with ElmorLabs PMD device, Voltcraft SEM5000 energy meter and VOLTCRAFT VC-590OLED in pair with Gwinstek GDM-452. For Energy Meter varies for about 5 W, PMD about 2-3 W. Looks the same for VC-590 with GDM-452 combo.

Is there any solution for this?
This value is calculated using a differential method - energy consumed per polling interval.
Try to adjust the global polling period in HWiNFO. A longer period should flatten the peaks/drops.
I'm using 1000 ms polling period and even if i used 2000 ms it's still variating a lot. For my procedure every device use 1000 ms polling period. And even now, i've changed polling period to 2000 ms and after few seconds i saw spike from 111 W do 126 W
Well, this value is calculated internally by the CPU and we have no other influence on its accuracy.
The only other thing coming to my mind would be to avoid very high system load as that could also affect timer accuracy which is involved in the calculation.