Need to find out what causing my son's Minecraft Dungeons Crash


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My son's PC crashed every time he played Minecraft Dungeons. I try ro record the log with HWInfo and the result is:
1st Try
Played about 4-5 minutes. It seems the GPU temp is rocketing, while the GPU fan drop. I try to fix the GPU fan settings

2nd try
It crashed when loading the game. I can conclude anything from the log

3rd try
It crashed after 3-4 minute play. the GPU temp is high and rpm drop but not as high as 1st try.

Is it my GPU or I read it wrong?

Ryzen 5 2600
Asus RX 580 8Gb Dual OC
Bitfenix Whisper 550
Geil Evo X 16Gb
Asus B450 Plus TUF

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Your GPU temp isn't as high as it could be it has a max of 90°C. What is the Error message and code that it gives you when it crashes.
Handy Tip: keep a pad of paper and pen by the computer for all those impromptu crashes.
Hi there,

Its not error crash nor BSOD. but it just turn off. and to turn it on again i have to switch off the psu, wait for all power gone, and turn on again.
The problem solved temporary when i switch the gpu with GTX 1050 Ti which is dont have additional 6pin.
My suspicion is my 550W psu not enough when pushing the gpu to the limit. Or GPU Error? Or any other suggession?

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PS: i would prefer smartphone cam than pen and paper :)
550W should be plenty as your GPU is rated at 185W and your CPU is only 65W. It sounds like a GPU error. Have you got MSI Afterburner or any GPU overclocking software as you could try lowering the power limit on the GPU to see if that fixes it.

I think it's a power problem, your 12V is sometimes outside ATX-specification: ATX 12V spec: 11.4V .. 12.6V, your 12V goes below 11.4V:


Could be a bad cable connector connection (corrosion). Just unplug the big ATX connector and plug it in again. On both sides if possible: power supply and motherboard.

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