Needed fix some URL typo - old URL is changes


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Needed fix Realtek URL then is changes to (for English page is . Typo found also in latest public beta 6.31-4255 if I try find Realtek HDA drivers for chip ALC892 then driver v2.75 can't support this chip - which makes it impossible to play files in the WAVE (Microsoft PCM) format with low sampling rates, for example 11.25/22.5 kHz - the audible volume of their playback compared to system sounds digitized at 44.1/48.0 kHz is reduced to the level of the hearing threshold (up to the level of 8 dBA-10 dBA), the volume of any other sound files is also reduced, but to a lesser extent by about -6 dBA - -10 dBA. This problem is solved by installing the Realtek HDA r2.81 driver (I did not install the current r2.82 - according to my records there is an error that manifests itself in the impossibility of starting the Realtek HD Manager. I did not check it myself, but there were user bug reports about this problem. This should be fixed in the drivers of version r2.83, but it is not on the Realtek website now.) which fully supports this codec setting as the standard format 24 bit/48 KHz, which is enough to reproduce signals with frequencies of 20 - 22000 Hz with a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 110 - 120 dB.


The reason for the work being done was a sudden failure of the second (it had an OS, programs and part of user data) HDD Seagate Constellation ES.2 ST32000645NS with 0004 firmware during data backup. The disks do not set the Drive Ready signal on the SATA bus, but at the same time the sound of the drive of the Magnetic Head Unit (BMG) looking for the servo track is heard, and the status register A dress Mark Not Found (DrAMNF) is visible in the status register. The visual harbinger of failure in both cases was the S.M.A.R.T. "Reassigned sector" (the value of the attribute [C5] Current Pending Sector Count is set to 1) after which the disk spontaneously turns off via the bus and becomes invisible in the BIOS even though the factory firmware has been updated with a new one that corrects the error 0xCC38 ("CC fly").

By monitoring S.M.A.R.T. both failed disks did not work out their MTBF 1,300,000 hours - one had about 56,000 hours, the other about 64,500 hours. At the same time, according to the release date (04/2012) and the plant code, it can be seen that they are from the same production batch. I was lucky to run into a factory marriage. in addition to my two disks with the same symptoms of malfunction, another 27 out of fifty purchased failed ...
Ok! And while I'm "having fun" with the restoration of the operating system and mathematics - all programs are trying to be installed as long as possible .. Someone for a couple of hours, and who even longer fiddles, well, do not allow others to mess around. The devils conspired. :)