Netflix UWP with HWINFO64 slow down.


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so I have an ASUS 2023 Scar 16 I don't use the Armoury Crate bloatstuff and it's really clean (only had it for four days). Windows also been reset several times.
I use HWINFO64 on there. When I am using the Netflix UWP app after a while, HWINFO64 will start to take up a lot of CPU usage and causes stuttering in the show. If I open up task manager, HWINFO64 would be on the top of the CPU usage list with 25%-45% usage. if i exit out and load back HWINFO64 it will be good for a few hours and start again. I have been having this issue for several days. It only does this with the Netflix UWP app.
Try to disable monitoring of some sensors, especially the ASUS EC sensor if there's such.
Let me know if that helped.