New AMD Catalyst 14.1 HWiNFO64 System crash


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I just downloaded the new 14.1 Catalyst display drivers today and experienced BSOD crashing and the message displayed was an error of display driver timeout. After some experimenting I finally found that the problem was with HWiNFO64 as it is starting up at the point when it is accessing the PCI. This new 14.1 has Mantle support which is a low level API and may be the cause of the issue ( just a guess as I am not really qualified to make an accurate assertion).

I already notified AMD of the issue and am now attempting to do the same with HWiNFO. This is the best program anywhere for system monitoring and I do not want to be without it. I have recommended this program to everyone as I do believe it to have no equal in the general market.

Anyway I hope this helps and if you need any more info to make this easier to diagnose just ask.

Edit: actually I see from another thread that waking the GPU causes same issue so I will try that real quick and see. I hadn't disabled ULPS at the time the issues happened. I always disable them after an update but was in the process of doing so at each crash.

OK so that was it. Sorry to have wasted anyones time. Never happened before and I have always done it this way. Still the best program ever.
Thanks for your report. I have downloaded this new Catalyst, but haven't installed and tested it yet.
So you believe that the issue was ULPS enabled? That shouldn't cause problems anymore, since I implemented a workaround for this - when ULPS is active, HWiNFO doesn't access any low-level registers to avoid such crash. However according to your report it seems there's some new problem with this Catalyst.
It would be very useful for me to find the problem if you had attached the HWiNFO Debug File from that crash. If you are able to reproduce this problem again, then please make sure to run HWiNFO in Debug Mode and after reboot grab the DBG file it produced during the crash and attach it here please.