New member - Questions about Reports


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Hello there, I am not sure if this a right place to ask, sorry if I'm wrong.

I don't know if there is a manual or guide about how to read the info giving by the software, i just recently downloaded and as far as i know it looks good but maybe for beginners that want to understand how to read all the info provided, it will be great help.

The reason why i have downloaded that software is because i have to install a new software in my office so what i want to do is have some reports of the hardware before and after installing the software; to see if we need to increase the specs of it or get a new pc. So far the info given by HWiNFO is good but i am not sure how can i get a report for a whole day (i.e. 7am to 7pm) and if this can be automatized, maybe put it in the task scheduler as we might need to do this in different pcs in different cities.

I know I still have to explore more how the software works and the add-ons and i am doing it but maybe there is some people here who has more experience and they can give me some hints.