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8700k with AIO on an Aorus Z390 Pro WF

I updated HW64 one hour ago... and big surprise....  lost my pump sensor

I saw new sensor (VRM) but didn't see the missing one immediately :-)
There is a blank spot now where it was. Rebooted but nothing changed.

Mb utility keep reporting and seeing it.



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Try to do a "Reset Preferences" or "Restore Original Order" / enable "Fixed order" in sensors and let me know if that helped.

My diagnosis (based on previous experiences):

When HW64 don't receive a value when starting, it will keep the spot blank not even showing the NAME of the sensor.
Even in Setting the sensor is not anymore visible.... ... like it was a "non existing" sensor
(I mean: is not in the hidden sensors list - but it doesn't show up in the SHOW list)

if a value appear while HW64 is running, suddenly the sensor and the value show up again.
( easier to detect that phenomenon using afterburner, as I do.

May be you remember me losing values on a previous post on NVLMMK.

(BTW: that GPU was faulty from factory - Gigabyte reimbursed it - no more 1080 in stock)

Question: What are the conditions where HW64 don't find a value starting ?
(or is a "null" value - whatever that means)

Sorry continuing reasoning:

I know that if I stop the "Back fan" while HW64 is running I see it going to zero and the graph showing zero
If I stop that fan then restart HW64 then the sensor will not be shown anywhere; nor in afterburner nor in HW64 windows nor in setting - completely disappear.

You can see both event I described in the attached picture, using Back fan


I use that script I mentioned before, to restart HW64 - ;)


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Oh yes - in case the fan is not spinning at HWiNFO startup, then it will not be shown. But as soon as it starts to spin, it will appear.
This is because there's no way to determine when a particular fan is just momentary not spinning or not present at all.
So is the Pump reading some valid data ? Does GIGABYTE SIV show that value, if yes, how it's called there?

In Gigabyte it's CPU    meaning CPUFan  - was forced to use that header because (whatever is the reason) Bios stopped CPU OPT that should be the Header for the PUMP.
Switched both - I prefer a PUMP running, and not to burn the CPU, then the Fans - it give me more time to act.

As always check picture

SV showing value 1700 RPM - that is correct

In graph and HW64 windows, that value should appear near RAD fan



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Your values as shown by HWiNFO still appear as if you wouldn't do a complete "Reset Preferences".
Go into main settings, click "Reset Preferences", close HWiNFO and start again.
Here you are, Sir.

Reset "from main setting" (missed that previously)
then clicked OK


Restart HW64

Results are in the picture



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OK, try this way:
1. Close HWiNFO
2. Start HWiNFO, but don't start the scan (don't click Run or open sensors). Instead click the Settings button and there reset the preferences.
3. Close HWiNFO
4. Start again
Ok , then ... in this order:

Close Afterburner from Notification (R click)
Go into HW64 setting from Notification ( R click)

Set everything zeroed but welcome screen (Pic1)
Go into HW64 setting from Notification ( R click) and QUIT

Reopen from Start menu
You get (finally) the welcome screen (with Run + Setting)

> Enter Settings from there
Reset preferences (Pic2)
Close HW64 from [X]

Reopen from Start menu

ooooohhhhhh !  (Pic3)

Launch Afterburner (Pic4)

Remember to set back whatever preferences you had before,  on Sensors BUT also in setting menu.
(DO SETTING MENU FIRST - otherwise Sensor settings cannot be saved)

Thanks again Martin!


PS: I wrote the step by step operations for myself (so I can come back here if I need) but also for you or anybody else!


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Great :)
I think the problem was that when you have MSI Afterburner running and using the HWiNFO plugin, it always restarts HWiNFO when you close it.
So HWiNFO didn't have a chance to reset and reload default settings.
What surprised me was, that even after a reboot the problem didnt solve itself...
... while I saw new sensors appears (prolly due to the new release)

You may make a Sticky "How to" for resetting HW64, from previous post.

So nobody will miss a step (afterburner or not)