No RTSS in Sensor Settings


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Everything was working how it supposed to until today, i didn't change any cfg, make system or driver updates.
In position "1" on the screenshot i had fps displayed, and in position "2" there was RTSS FPS option for activating it.
Now it's gone.
I had a cfg backup, so i reset preferences in RTSS and HWiNFO and closed it.
Configured  RTSS and added HWiNFO backup settings to registry, closed it.
Turned on RTSS and HWiNFO and the RTSS come back in HWiNFO settings but there was no FPS option.
After restarting both apps again there is no RTSS in HWiNFO options but everything else works, RTSS/FPS vanished haha :(
Need help! :)