Noise sensor X570 Master - HWinfo Beta branch



The latest beta included noise sensor monitoring on motherboards which have one.

I tried it on my Gigabyte Aorus Master x570. The sensor shows up in HWinfo, but the reading is always the same "88.100 db". It doesn't change overtime.

On motherboard own utilities the sensor is reading fine.

If you need some information and/or debug file please let me know.

Yes, please provide the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
It would be also great if you could notice the noise level reported by GIGABYTE tool while creating the Debug File.
Hi Martin,

Debug file attached.

I also want to mention that starting the Gigabyte tool, the noise level is at 88 db and after a second it starts reading values. At this time, if I open Hwinfo the noise sensor is reading values!!

It even continues reading values if I restart the system and do not open the Gigabyte tool, but if I power off completely the system, after a cold start the sensor is not refreshing anymore, it's stuck on that 88.100 db again. It seems you need to start the Gigabyte tool to "unlock" the sensor, after that it doesn't stuck on that value and start reading values again.

It's another Gigabyte BIOS oddity it seems. I'm becoming tired of GB UEFI bugs lately :-((

Thank you.


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Thank you for the file and your observation, that explains a lot! But I'm not sure yet what exactly needs to be enabled, I will check this with GIGABYTE.
Just one more question - once it's enabled, does HWiNFO show same values as the GIGABYTE tool ?
Thank you for your feedback.
I have sent an inquiry to my contacts at GIGABYTE, should have some update soon.
Can you please try the new build 4000 Beta if it properly enables the noise sensor?
Remember to do a full shutdown prior starting HWiNFO and don't launch SIV to make sure the enabling in HWiNFO is working properly.
Hi Martin,

The new beta is working!! I tested cold startup, warm boot, without opening SIV (It's uninstalled by the way) and Hwinfo can read the noise sensor.

Hello. I'm not very knowledgeable, but how to enable the sensor so that the board does not exceed a certain noise? to set the fans in such a way as not to exceed certain decibels? can you help me?