Not detecting E-cores on Intel I9-12900HX CPU

You have 309 hidden values, are the E-cores perhaps among them?
If not, please attach the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
No, the E-cores are not among the hidden items.
How to get HWiNFO Debug File ?


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Are those cores perhaps disabled in BIOS or limited in Windows? What does Task Manager show?
you should have 16 cores and 24 logical cores in the task manager. It seems the E cores are disabled and you have one P core running without hyperthreading (15 logical processors instead of 16.

For the debug file, look at the thread he quoted in his last message
Task Manager confirms there's a limit on number of cores. Check the Windows boot configuration "bcdedit"
I do not think e-cores are enabled. I think because this cpu is in a hi-perf laptop.
They are enabled in bios, but I think Intel disabled them.
Could also be a windows 11 issue. Task Manager only shows 8 coresE-cores.png
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I don't think this is something disabling E-cores but limiting total number of CPU cores in Windows.

Open "msconfig" (System Configuration) in Windows -> Boot -> Advanced options.

See if there's a limit on processors set and if yes, disable it.
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