not smooth games

When you close HWiNFO this does not happen?
I mean, are you sure that this is caused by this siftware?
This is my problem When i change windows or reinstall windows All games are smoth when playing 2 hours All games slow down at once, but fps up

And in all the games I have a heavy feeling on the keyboard mouse but the fps is still high
And sometimes I do things that temporarily solve the problem
For example cpu overclocking I do And for 1 hour lesson or removing one ram

For example, I have 2 slots for RAM

If I put one aside and use it again after 10 minutes, the temporary problem will be resolved

Or if I update the BIOS and apply the same settings as before, the problem of temporarily updating the BIOS would solve the problem

I think this is a motherboard bug

Anyway I have been doing everything for 2 years temporarily resolved the problem

my pc:
graphic card: msi gtx 1080 gaming x
cpu: i7 6700k
ram: gskill 16 2800 hrtz
coller: coller master master liquid 240 with z9 deepcoll
psu: corsair 750 rm
motherboard: msi z270 gaming carbon pro
ssd : samsung evo 850 250 gb
hhd: wd blue 1tb
Monitor benq 144 1ms with hdmi dvi d and displayport
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Here are some in-game images that seem to be all right
With bot without bot and in loading


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