Odd Clock and Frequency on Core #1

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Wondering if anyone has seen this kind of thing before?  ...and any ideas as to cause?



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This is a glitch in the clock measurement logic, which affects the Nehalem-family of CPUs.
I have a simelar issue with my Sandybridge 2500k. My CPU Multi is set to 43x but i often get odd clockrates like 4.4ghz. Is that a reading error? I can're really reproduce it. I guess it happens while being in games since i can't reproduce it with prime. Any idea? (im using the latest beta already)
Yes, it's possible that when the system is under a high load, such a glitch in measurement can happen. This is can happen on all CPUs prior to Skylake. Skylake CPUs should no longer be affected, as they feature a much more reliable measurement method.