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I am preparing to mass catalog loads of retro hardware. Got at test bench up and running with a motherboard that has support for ISA, PCI and universal AGP. It runs Win98SE. Now, I did some sample tests and noticed HWInfo32 does not really detect ISA hardware. Tried with common items (such as a SB16, see screenshot), and some less common hardware (see other screenshots).

My question, does HWInfo32 have difficulties with ISA stuff? Should I run the DOS version? Should I set up a second test bench running DOS 6.22 or is DOS mode in 98SE enough as long as it is the DOS version of HWInfo?

My second question, I added a SBLive 5.1 PCI card earlier and HWInfo showed me the name of the card but about nothing more. I take it doesn't detect additional specs from sound cards (like it does with video cards)?


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Such older ISA cards might be better supported in the DOS version. There are some tests/operations that cannot be performed under Windows 98 as it might crash the system.
The DOS version can provide more information about legacy SB cards, for Windows it might require a later OS like Win2k or WinXP.