Online Report Converter/Viewer


For users of the old converter:
Discontinued; old php version (now 7)
The new one is better anyways (see below)


Online Report View/Search/Print/Mail

Demo (From HWiNFO Report 6.28-4200)

Upload HWiNFO xml Report(s)
Select 'Sign in (NEW USER)' / 'Anmelden (NEUER USER)'

All Rigs under one roof. Rig descriptions appear on Browser tabs and on top of all printouts.

As soon as there are search results a button becomes active to create a printable structured list.
(The HWiNFO report is very extensive, so I thought a search opportunity might make sense)

Insert search result list into your mailings and add comments
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That is awesome. I am looking to host this in my own run website. Do you know know who wrote and owns the code there? And if they are willing to share it or sell it?