Open main window from Sensors


I'm likely missing something obvious. If I have HWiNFO configured to run only Sensors on startup, how can I quickly open the Main or Summary windows? Is the only way to open settings, flip settings around, close the app and relaunch?

Edit: I now see options to open Main and Summary when I right click the HWiNFO system tray icon (which is great). Is this new in 7.0? I don't recall seeing this in older versions.
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It was present on older versions too.
The system scan is specially optimized in Sensor-only mode for faster startup by omitting scan of items not needed for sensors. So to get the main window, it has to be enabled and start over again.
See . On only one system have I ever seen the options in the system tray icon for Show All, Main, and Summary. I would like to see these options on my other computers, but I cannot figure out how to make these options show up. It seems like I've tried every combination in Settings, General / User Interface. What do I need to do to get the additional options to show up on my computers? Thanks!
The "Main" option is not available when you run in Sensor-only mode. As already explained above, you need to deactivate that first.
I had the Main option on one PC even when run in Sensor-only mode, hence my confusion/frustration. (I just verified that was the case on one of my PCs.) Possibly a bug? I have now cycled the Sensor-only option on the Welcome screen and the HWiINFO process several times, and it's behaving as you describe.

Basically, the Settings, General / User Interface choices have nothing at all to do with whether or not the extra menu options show up on the system tray icon.

As I understand it, the only way to get back to the Main window when in Sensors-only mode is to open settings, enable Show Welcome Screen, Quit the application, run it again, and de-select Sensors-only on the Welcome screen. Is that right?

Have you considered keeping the option for the Main window on the systray icon even when in Sensors-only mode, or adding a button to the bottom of the Sensors screen to directly launch the Main window? I realize a more detailed scan would then be needed at that point when choosing the menu/button. Currently, it seems like a lot of effort to simply pull up the Main window when in Sensors-only mode.