Overall CPU usage above 100% for Intel CPU's with E-Cores and P-Cores


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I've encountered many instances where overall CPU usage is over 100% for 12th,13th and 14th Gen Intel CPU's.
Also, CPU IA Cores shows temp above 100 degrees without any thermal trips/shutdowns where Intel website states that max temp is 100 degrees.
I saw articles with instances with CPU usage over 100% were present in Windows 8 and it was due Turboboost being enabled. Is it the case also here?
Why is it reported like this in Win11?

Translation for picture:
Ca³kowite wykorzystanie procesora [%] = Overall CPU Usage [%]
Rdzenie procesora IA [°C] = CPU IA Cores [°C]
Ca³y procesor [°C] @ CPU DTS = Whole CPU [°C]


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Yes, for the "CPU Utility" it's common to get >100% and explained in the tooltip and also on this forum.
Later Intel CPUs allow short high temperature excursions without triggering a thermal throttling.