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Something i was missing in hwinfo is pagefile read like Aida64 does since i have win 8.1 and cant see this values outside from aida64 in system, hwinfo actually only reads virtual memory(which aida64 call swap file) and aida yet read separately virtual memory and page file. Is only a sugestion if it is possible to implement pagefile reading.

Thanks, i like hwinfo very much.
Martin said:
I can have a look at that, but why is this value important? ;)

This is not a important thing but like some other things it make some curiosity. I was running windows 8.1 with pagefile disabled and played most of recent games fine in that way, including bf4 runs fine with pagefile disabled. BF3 in other way crashes when pagefile is disabled. In system softwares i never get any problem with pagefile disabled, only some games give problem because of it , and recent Watch Dogs started crashing with lack of memory while was only using 4gb of physical memory from 8gb installed, so i see need to reenable pagefile for that game, and it was a hungry pagefile game, using around 1-2gb of that while another games i see never used more than 500mb of it.

Can be a nice option to monitoring it when run in such problems.
Hey Martin i like to request features, so i'm bumping this thread to try persuading you to implement this one. Since i can't find any free software out there with this specific reading. I need this feature to prove some people they are wrong.
I'm still not sure what exact information would you like to see and how useful that could be (not only for you).
The virtual memory values reported in HWiNFO are in fact the sum of physical memory+page file.
Aida64 has a reader for pagefile.sys and supposedly report the amound of data was written to disk. I think this report is from real amount of data was written to pagefile disk and not the virtual memory commited which Aida64 report separately. You can see what i mean in image attached.


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OK, but how useful is this information for users ? I want to avoid reporting too much information in sensors (which is already quite huge) when there's no useful reason for it.
Many users which has low system RAM try to play newest games and has performance/stuttering issue but see Windows using ~3gb of their physical RAM and dont know that system is written all excess of data in pagefile disk. While gaming system is reading a lot of pagefile data and causing the stuttering.

While i played GTA 5 with 4gb system ram, system was using 3.7gb RAM and written 1.3gb of data in pagefile and my dedicated pagefile drive was reading 100% of time. This pagefile usage caused massive stuttering. So i installed 8gb RAM, and the system only stored 100mb of data in pagefile after some time playing, and while gaming readings from pagefile disk was 0.

So when system write too much data to pagefile you know if more RAM is needed, when not many space of pagefile is used performance is not affected. Virtual memory commited give no clue to know if system is written data to pagefile disk or not. Most of time big memory commited is not being written data to pagefile disk and we dont see performance issues. When i use my 4gb GPU, system increase virtual memory commited a lot, like system RAM is at 6gb usage, virtual memory is at 11gb but pagefile real usage is below 100mb.

If this implementation is not a problem to you but want to avoid excess of information, maybe you can make this a hidden settings to thoose desire to see.