PCH features confusion


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My laptop is Acer P243-M-5324G50 Makk. I am trying to find out if i can use SATA 3 SSD in my optical drive bay using a caddy.

For that i need to know if the port in optical drive bay is SATA 3.
When i generated report. I saw in PCH features there are two SATA slots both are SATA 3.
But when i scroll down in the report i see Port# 5 in which i think dvd drive is installed.

If there are only two SATA Ports, where did the port 5 came from? (maybe i'm misunderstanding this)

Can you tell seing the report if my drive bay port is sata 3?

Also there are few Pci E slots empty, how to know if those can support M.2 SSD.

I have attached the report. Can someone please guide me here.

P.S: I'm not a techie and this is first time i am attempting something like this.


I can see one SATA Controller in your system, which is SATA Gen3 6.0 Gbps capable:
Interface Speed Supported: Gen3 6.0 Gbps
Port #5 is most probably your DVD drive and it currently runs at Gen1 1.5 Gbps, most probably because the drive doesn't support higher speeds.
But all your ports should be Gen3 6.0 Gbps capable.