PCI/PCIe bus errors


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I'm getting fairly frequent PCI/PCIe bus errors.
I'm uploading my DBG file. Can anyone help me diagnose what the culprit is?

Thank you!


  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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That file doesn't capture any WHEA errors. You need to let it run until at least one error will show up.
That's odd, as at least 10 had showed up in the GUI. I had to scp the file from my Windows PC to my mac (as I'm only logged onto this site on my Mac) and it looks like the process has weirdly truncated the file.

Anyway, I think I may be onto something with it already. You'd mentioned in a similar post that the event logger would has similar errors, which it did. Googling around suggests it's related to a PCI slot. I also happened to see that a lot of people said disabling PCI power management in the ASUS bios stopped the errors, and it looks like that worked. Odd that it was necessary to do that but heyho....