Performance Limit - Utilization permanently on Yes


I ran a hwinfo i saw that Performance Limit - Utilization permanently on Yes even at idle i am new to hwinfo what does this exactly mean? I am running a RTX 2080 S


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That means there's not enough load (utilization) on the GPU to drive the clocks higher, hence the clock is limited to a lower state.
Hi Martin,

thank for the info much appreciated just one more question does performance limit - power mean? this is under a stress test


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The GPU has reached its power limit and hence reduced the clocks to remain within the limit.
I also have Performance Limit - Utilization permanently on Yes.
Thanks for the question Llewellynf.
I understand there's not enough load.
Thank for the answer Martin.

Is there a way to stop this 'minimum' alert but still be alerted to a 'maximum'?
I apprecaite your time and consideration, thank you.
hello I have the same thing as @ Llewellynf.
but the question is that its a bad thing or is it normal? I didn`t quit understand