Power Reporting Deviation is in red. Anything wrong with it?


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I need a check to see is this any dangerous or not because I see red numbers in power reporting deviation. I did undervolt my Ryzen 7 3700x on ASUS ROG Strix X470F motherboard. No Precision boost override.
I still dont get it though. Is this has to do with motherboard lie to the cpu when it comes to supply power? Is my value bad? When i ran cinebench r20 multi thread, i see power reporting deviation of 80% to 85%.
Yes the board is lying to the CPU via the feedback for power consumption. From the point this gone wide and public its known that most boards do that. Mine does it with a PRD of 89~92%.
If your PRD is 80~85% then if you devide ➗ the reported PPT with 0.8~0.85 you'll find the true power consumption of the CPU. You have to take these values during the bench.
Some board vendors had remedy this on newer BIOS versions. Very few though are reporting a PRD around 100% (=not lying at all).
As the post I linked is saying there is nothing to really worry about. Even if the board is tricking the CPU by saying to it that the power consumption is less from reality to push it more, the CPU has internal safeties that cant be bypassed if settings are auto.
What this is stating (the Stilt writing) is that boards are running CPUs out of their stock (Precision Boost) limits without the user's acknowledge. As PBO (Precision Boost Overdrive) is forced to it.

This "issue" cannot damage or degrade the CPU in the long term, but its something that the user should know.