power usages and do they get calculated or read by hwinfo64.


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So what i was wondering here,

i have a case of gfx card oddities as for example memory power usage in watts:
when gpu memory is at 1.252 Volts and 1.771 Amps then should the Watts not be 2.217 Watts instead of the 0.000Watts that gets reported by hwinfo64 ?

odd stuff, and that's not the only thing...but what i am to think of this. AMD or Malice ? :oops:
Hmm, I'd need to see the exact details - what exact sensors are that and what GPU.
oh crap, i guess my eyes worn't wide enough yet, after opening them a bit more i noticed my obvious mistake.
Apparently i mixed up some values since there are more than one. MY BAD.
No, everything seems to indeed calculate correctly, i must have had a brain seizure or something.:oops: