Problem reading sensors of PresentMon from stream deck


I'm trying to use Elgato stream deck with the HWiNFO plugin to display FPS on the stream deck. However, a few minutes after booting into Windows 11, the framerate would stop updating. When this happens, if I go into stream deck to select a reading under PresentMon, there would be nothing to select from.(It should have the framerate, frame time and gpu busy options).
I'm also monitoring 4 other sensors with stream deck, and they all work fine. When stream deck loses the framerate sensor, they still look fine in HWiNFO's own software. Restarting stream deck would temporarily fix the problem.
I suspect both HWiNFO and stream deck have something to do with the issue. HWiNFO would somehow temporarily loss the sensors, stream deck is not pick them up when they are back online.


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