Problems with HWiNFO32 6.26 in Windows 98


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Hi, I joined to report an issue with Windows 98SE, which I'm sure isn't now used by many people here!
I have a triple boot machine, and I use HWiNFO on Windows 98SE, Windows XP, and Windows 10 x64, and have always been really impressed that it works on all three operating systems.
However, with the latest update 6.26, I am now having isssues on Windows 98.
It seems to be eating resources much more than previous versions, to the point where eventually the system falls over and has to be re-started.
The only other symptom of anything different that I noticed, rather strangely, is that the displays of the processor temperatures in the system tray on Windows 98 (it's a dual processor machine) had gone "dim" with this version. The colours are still the same but had gone noticeably darker than before, and darker than they are on Windows XP or Windows 10 with the same settings.
Whether this is a clue about the increased resource usage I don't know,
Anyway, I've gone back to version 6.24 on Windows 98 and everything has come good again.
Sad, because this is the first sign of any Windows 98 compatibility problems that I've seen with HWiNFO.
No problem if it can't now be corrected, but just asking!
Cheers, Dave.
HWiNFO32 supports Windows 95 and NT4 as well and there's active development on the DOS version too ;)
This issue should be quite simple to check - please try to run v6.26 without tray icons and let me know if it's still eating resources.
Thanks Martin, I will do that and report back.
Of course the tray icons are the main reason I have HWiNFO installed in the first place, to monitor the temperature of my processors, so I hope this can be fixed!
Cheers, Dave.
OK, I've reinstalled version 6.26 on Windows 98, and switched off the tray dispay of the processor temperature monitoring icons.
Only the default static icon is now present, and the polling is still taking place (I can still see the processor use spiking every second as before).
No resource problems apparent now, so I guess it was the updating of the tray icons which was causing it.
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Dave.
Thanks, I'll let you know!
Do I need to replace the existing INI file with the one supplied with this build?
Obviously all my settings are in the existing one!
I substituted the 6.26 file with the 6.27 file, and so far things look good!
I'll let you know if I see any more problems.
Thank you so much for fixing it so quickly.
I've discovered that the settings I was worried about are actually in the registry BTW, not in the INI file!
Cheers, Dave.